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Custom Precision Manufacturing

Dedicated Customer Teams & Industrial Services

Our commitment to quality has established our reputation as a preferred choice for custom parts manufacturing.

Genesis-MFG Sharjah MENA - Custom Gasket and Metal Shim Manufacturing

Pioneering Custom Precision Manufacturing in the Middle East based in Sharjah

Custom-machined parts stand unrivaled in precision and accuracy. As an ISO 9001-certified production facility, Genesis MFG excels in delivering unparalleled results in Custom Precision Manufacturing. We cater to a diverse array of industry professionals, supplying custom-built replacement parts and prototypes tailored to their unique requirements.

Whether starting from a concept sketch or working from an existing component, our team dedicates their expertise to collaborating with you at every step of the process. We prioritize the quality of your project, ensuring comprehensive discussions about the project scope and your anticipated results.

Overview Services

We provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for spare parts, aiding our clients to maximize their maintenance budgets while enhancing their drilling operations’ productivity and efficiency.

CNC Machining Equipment

We work in ferrous and non-ferrous materials, so we can manufacture virtually any project.

Oil & Gas Industry Specialists

We are certified to API Spec Q1 standards and are perfectly fit to fabricate heavy-duty projects.

Amalgamation of Industry Experience

When you need the entire package, we deliver. Our team only works with the finest equipment to machine and fabricate exceptional products. Talk to our manufacturing company about your project and trust the difference custom solutions can make.

Genesis-MFG Sharjah Services MENA Image - Custom Precision Manufacturing

The quality of your custom precision manufacturing project is our primary concern, so we take the time to discuss the parameters of the work and your desired outcome.

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